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Honouring Mary,

    love Mary,

       imitate Mary.

The Fraternity of Mary, Immaculate Queen offers you to live a journey with Mary.

At the moment...

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars!

  Do not hesitate to consult our different proposals to know the upcoming activities for the month of May. More information

Prayer times

Prayer times

Find here the prayer times (services and masses) of the community.

Who are we?

Consecrated to God in the commitment to celibacy for the Kingdom, the members of the Fraternity live an evangelical life in community, centred on the Eucharist, uniting the offering of their lives to that of Mary. They ask her to help them to live from her profound and unreserved unity with Christ, in love, to make charity visible. Welcome to Bois-le-Roi!

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The Bois-le-Roi fraternity

Our proposals throughout the year are based on five dynamics: prayer, fraternal life, formation, commitment and service.

Reborn from above 

Are you between 18 and 30 years old?

The Year of Renaître d'en Haut is a time open to all young people, whether students or professionals, who want to take a break in their lives, to put Christ and Mary at the heart of their lives, to form themselves, to get to know themselves better and, if necessary, to discern their future.

We propose that you live this human and spiritual adventure, during 4 months (end of January to end of May) in Bois le Roi (77590), carried by the life and prayer of the brothers and sisters of the Fraternity of Mary, Immaculate Queen.

The Fraternity lives from its work (reception, salaried activity of some members, religious crafts), from donations, and from the support of its friends and Messengers.

To discover the community's crafts, visit the website of the Workshops of Mary, Immaculate Queen.

The Fraternity

The Fraternity is composed of consecrated brothers and sisters, some of whom are priests.

Consecrated in the commitment to celibacy for the sake of the Kingdom, the members live an evangelical life in community, centred on the Eucharist, uniting the offering of their lives to that of Mary.

Discover the process of enthronement in the homes of Mary, Immaculate Queen

The House of Bois-le-Roi

The house in Bois-le-Roi is located at the gateway to the forest of Fontainebleau, south-east of Paris. It is the mother house of the Fraternity, where about twenty brothers and sisters live this simple and family life, punctuated by prayer, work and fraternal life.

We welcome you every day of the week, for special events or retreats.

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"Let yourself be touched by God who is near, let the presence of his love reach your soul. Let yourself be filled with the joy of God who shows himself to us, who created us and will never leave us: then you will sing."

Cardinal Ratzinger on the feast of St. Cecilia

Discover prayers, texts, meditations, songs... and the Leaf of Life!